Cranio Sacral Biodynamic is the healing counterpoint to a stressful lifestyle. With Cranio- a technique that originated from osteopathy- a state of deep Relaxation can be created. Without the interference of rational thinking, body and mind can finally relax and recharge, while the soul is able to voice its needs and desires in complete stillness.

What does Cranio feel like?

Describing a certain feeling or sensation within the human body can be tricky task, but I’ll give it a shot: Cranio feels like you are falling asleep, but you still stay present in a calm and nourishing way. So you balance effortlessly on the edge between being awake and being asleep. Some will call it trance-like – a very still type of trance. If you are experienced with meditation its quite like it, but in this case, the practicioner amplifies the experience by his/ her presence. In Cranio Sacral Biodynamics awareness is directed into different layers of the human being. The spectrum includes anatomical strucures like bones, tissues and fluids, as well as subtle energetical fields and rhythms that flow through the body. Judah Lyons and gives you an insight what this method is about! Enjoy


Cranio is not only an empowering experience, it activates the inherent vital forces of the body and sets you up for a process, that will eventually allow you to live in a calmer way. Another essential part of Cranio is that you learn to realise- through experiencing yourself in stillness- what you ultimately need to enfold your true potential. In other words: it gets you in touch with the unlimited source of vitality within you.

Cranio might help you:
  • if you’ re feeling burned out, lack of energy
  • before and after surgery
  • to complement psychotherapy
  • after accidents, hard falls and so forth
  • if you’ ve recently lost a loved one
  • Headaches
  • if you can’ t sleep and feel activated
  • chronic pain

Be aware: Cranio is meant to complement modern medicine, not to replace it, so please also consult your physician! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call, email or write to me on facebook,..